We’re currently funding our 2020 album on Kickstarter! Please considering us help us reach our goal to produce and release an album featuring incredible guest musicians and composers.

In July 2019, SAR assembled in Dayton, Ohio with two guest musicians and engineer Joel Crawford to record some of our favorite music. Over two days and 9 1/2 hours of session time, we recorded tracks that our friends Tyler Kline, Benjamin D. Whiting, Ian Wiese and Adam Schumaker wrote for us, as well as our own arrangement of Piazzolla's "Four Seasons of Buenos Aires." Now we are entering the editing phase, and our FIRST ALBUM will be released in 2020! We NEED your support to help make this album happen.

We can't stress how much fun we had recording this album with our dear friends Andrea Baker (bassoon) and Wolcott Humphrey (clarinet), two absolutely outstanding musicians. We believe in the music we're making, and your support would mean everything to make this project a reality. Thanks so much! 

We’re ambitious in our planning for concerts, production, and collaborations, and we’d love your support to help make our plans come true! We're incredibly proud to say that we've worked with multiple composers, nearly two-dozen guest artists, and have produced or co-produced the majority of our past concerts from New York to Salem to Kentucky. We want to pay our collaborators what they deserve, and to make SAR sustainable in the long term. We hope you'll consider supporting us with small monthly payments at patreon.com

We'd like to offer our sincere thanks to our current patrons, including , Jerome Pozgay, Patrick Verdier, Richard Ryan Kist, Mars Hilton, Andrea Boggio, Tyler Kline, Jeanney Lee, Jeremy Gombin-Sperling, Izak Atherton.